Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) - Can Isler, MD.

The ultrasonic rhinoplasty method allows for reshaping the nasal bones in a controlled way using millimetric measurements. As this method prevents any damage to the capillaries in the spaces between the nasal bones, swelling and bruising are minimized.

The ultrasonic rhinoplasty method is approved by the FDA in the US and is used with utmost confidence.

The major advantage of ultrasonic rhinoplasty is that the procedure allows the correction of the bone deformities in the nose without damaging the surrounding soft tissues, minimizing any associated post-operative swelling and bruises.

Controlled bone cutting allows reshaping the nose more elegantly, having a more natural configuration compared to its previous appearance. Noses appear as if they were drawn with a pencil.

It is a type of surgery for correcting the shape of the nose or breathing problems in patients suffering from deformities or dysfunction in the nose. Aesthetic nose surgeries are performed by plastic surgeons.