Liposuction - Can Isler, MD.

Instead of suffering from problems due to regional fat deposits and difficult-to-lose body weight; you may choose to benefit from liposuction. This is a very safe method to perform in today’s clinical practice.

Which Body Regions Are Suitable For Undergoing Liposuction?

Until recently, liposuction could only be performed in a limited selection of different body parts. However; with the advances in technology, it is now possible to perform liposuction in any selected area of the body.

  • In men, liposuction is most commonly performed in the waist, abdomen, and the jowl.
  • In women; the abdomen, butts, hipline, inner thighs, and the upper parts of the legs are the common areas of liposuction.

However, the procedure can also be applied to knees, ankles, the submental area called the jowl, armpits, and the back of individuals.

Who is the right candidate for liposuction?

  • We recommend liposuction to people who have no loss of skin elasticity. If the skin is not elastic enough, a skin lift intervention in the area may be necessary to prevent any sagging that may occur after the liposuction.
  • Furthermore, smokers should stop smoking before undergoing liposuction. Because smoking can impose risks on the patient, as well as preventing skin recovery.
  • Also, dieting individuals can undergo liposuction after they lose weight and complete the dieting schedule.