Breast Lift

Breast Lift - Can Isler, MD.

Breast lift allows the individual to have natural looking and symmetrical breasts, proportionate with the body size. It is also called mastopexy and it is performed by specialist plastic surgeons.

The shape and structure of the breasts are examined and the differences in their appearance is determined, considering the body proportions of the patient. If there is asymmetry in the breasts, it will also be taken into account. Normally, the right and left breast is different from each other in every woman.

To determine the extent of breast sagging, the inframammary fold is taken as the reference line. This line provides a reference to determine how far down the nipple is. Those, who wish to undergo breast lift surgery, should first examine their breasts in front of a mirror. If the nipples have fallen below the inframammary folds, you may need this surgery.