Cheek Aesthetics (Bichectomy)

Cheek Aesthetics - Can Isler, MD.

Most people are dissatisfied with their facial features; therefore they try different angles, especially when taking pictures, to choose the aspects that can hide facial flaws. If the golden ratio rule is applied to the human face, it is seen that the round and wide appearance of the face disturbs the aesthetic appearance due to the structure of the cheeks. Movie and television stars need to be in front of cameras because of their job requirements and they choose to undergo cheek aesthetics called bichectomy to have impressive facial features when images are taken from every aspect. Because cheekbones will become more prominent after the removal of fat in the cheeks with bichectomy, facial contours will be much more impressive and aesthetic.

Unlike the other components on the face, which are affected by the ageing process, no changes occur in the cheeks. Many people end in having round and bulging cheeks contrasting with sharp facial features. This leads to develop a non-aesthetic facial appearance. This unpleasurable appearance of the cheeks will disturb a mature and sharp visage.

Although this may not initially present a problem for many people, it can be annoying especially for Hollywood stars, who need to be frequently on the stage due to their job requirements. Because the facial features of the stars are recorded from different angles by camera, all these celebrities wish to own a further aesthetically improved visage. A solution to this unpleasurable problem is a type of surgery named as Bichectomy. The aim of Bichectomy surgery is to adjust the facial proportions according to the golden ratio rule, achieving a more aesthetic appearance on the face.

Bichectomy operations are on the rise today to get rid of this annoying condition, not only for the celebrities but also for everyone having similar complaints about their cheeks. Bichectomy allows restructuring the facial architecture to give it a triangular shape, which will conform to the Golden Ratio.