Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty - Can Isler, MD.

Rhinoplasty corrects the bone and cartilage structures inside the nose permanently, reshaping the nose and altering its functions. The risks of the surgery are not many and the procedure is quite safe. One of the main objectives of the surgery is to reshape the nose in proportion to the face without causing any breathing problems. However, in some cases, a repeat operation called revision nasal aesthetics may be necessary.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Patients may need a revision rhinoplasty when they complain of persisting problems after a previous rhinoplasty. Some patients may not like the new shape of the nose or some may experience breathing problems after the surgery. Some patients may like the new shape of the nose but they may wish to have revisions.

Revision rhinoplasty can be challenging both for the patient and the surgeon compared to an ordinary rhinoplasty. Because the anatomy of a previously operated nose has already been changed. Furthermore, the patient may have higher expectations. For this reason, we inform our patients appropriately in detail and we realistically discuss the expectations from the surgery.

Our patients are highly satisfied with the results of revision rhinoplasty both by the appearance and function of their noses.