Labia Reduction (Labiaplasty)

Labia Reduction (Labiaplasty) - Can Isler, MD.

A minimal protrusion of the inner lips beyond the outer lips of the genital organ is considered natural. However, the inner lips may extend out of the outer lips in some women due to various causes, leading to a sagging appearance. Inner lip sagging may occur due to giving birth more than once or because of the genetic factors. This situation may cause some problems in the sex life of a woman. Besides losing the self-confidence in front of the partner and avoiding nudeness, a woman may avoid wearing swimsuits or tight pants.

Furthermore, a woman may experience urinary incontinence when she coughs or sneezes. The labial reduction surgery is the method that eliminates all of these problems. It is possible to reduce the saggy inner lips with this easy-to-perform surgery.

Labial Reduction Surgery and Combined Operations

The only patient complaint involving the vagina may not be the enlarged and saggy inner lips. A combined set of operations or medical aesthetic procedures can be performed together with labiaplasty in these patients. For example; plumping up of the outer lips can be performed. As plumping up the outer lips will cause a reduction in the saggy appearance of the inner lips, a combination of this procedure with labial reduction surgery can be completed successfully with excision of a lower volume of tissue.

Another surgery that can be combined with labiaplasty is to narrow the vaginal opening. Both vaginal narrowing and labial reduction can be achieved in a single session of surgery. The patient can easily overcome these two difficulties after undergoing a single recovery period.